Giving and receiving

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Paula's gifts
Have you ever been really surprised by a gift?

A wave of pleasure swept over me when an old friend arrived with a bouquet of flowers. After she had gone, the flowers continued to give pleasure each time I looked at them, this inspired me to use a flower delivery in Dublin to send my old married friends a reminder of the beauty held in blossoms.

And then there was the totally unexpected parcel from a participant from my 2015 ritual courses. I opened the tissue-padded box to discover a freshly picked posy, a golden candle, some ‘heart notes’ essential oil, a beautiful card, and a little peg doll.

I used to make dolls from wooden clothes pegs when I was a child, but never anything as charming as this. The gift-giver named it ‘The Wisdom Keeper of Rituals’, and said it made her think of me. So I received the gift of her kind thought as well as the doll itself.

The little doll has become the mascot for my new Sacred Earth course. Isn’t she perfect for this? She seems born from earth energy.

And now I’ve become the gift giver

Here they are, the envelopes with their mystery contents, nearly ready for posting. I enjoy preparing these small gifts, which will be sent to each participant in the Sacred Earth course, from the far south of Aotearoa/New Zealand to Auckland in the north and across to Australia.

It’s satisfying to do this, because giving and receiving belong together. They are part of a cycle.

When giving and receiving are in balance, the heart feels settled and full.

Reciprocal relationship

When you enter into a close relationship with the earth, you may be surprised at what you receive. And you may be equally surprised by what you give back, quite naturally and easily.

If you’d like to join this adventure, do subscribe by Tuesday, January 26 if possible, so that there is plenty of time to send you preparation details, and of course, your gift!

There are still some places, and I’d love to have you join this lovely group. Click here, or the button below, to find out more.

P.S. The course is designed to be spacious, to bring you enhanced sensory awareness, increased well-being, and a few surprises along the way.

Touch the earth and the earth touches you.
—Susan Murphy


  1. Dana Leigh Lyons

    How lovely, Juliet! So precious, your unexpected gifts. So clearly offered from a pure, heart-centred place.

    I adore your Wisdom Keeper of Rituals…and the memories it conjured for you. And how fun to imagine course members finding your mystery offerings…created with such thought and care.

    • Juliet Batten

      Dana, you are so right about the gifts coming from a pure, heart-centred place. Gifts like that keep on resonating, long past the first moment of receiving. Thank you.


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