Times have changed in publishing. I love real books, but to sell my books overseas it looks like I might have to think about publishing an ebook next time.
Ebooks have no smell or touch, unlike these hyacinths which made me dizzy with delight.

 The ebook publishing course that I attended all day got too much for my brain.
The Golden Barrell Cactus is from Central Mexica, and the Silver Torch behind it, from Bolivia.
Ebooks can be sold in both these countries at the click of a cursor.

 Another word for ebook, used by the teacher, is a ‘no-book.’ I guess that means no touching, no holding, no turning of pages and definitely no smelling.
The coral-coloured hyacinths are just as fragrant as the blue ones, but their colour is new to me.

 Outside the Wintergarden pavilions, where I took refuge during the lunch break, I found these gay maidens cavorting.

 And their rather distant sister, looking down rather disdainfully. I wonder what kind of books they prefer?

After feasting my eyes on these glorious orchids, I headed back for a few more hours of screen-gazing.

I enjoy computer technology. It enables me to reach out across the world. I may even publish an ebook one day. But I need to balance time spent in the digital world with time spent in the world of the senses: touch, warmth, fragrance, colour, weight or lightness, sound and movement.