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It’s been a day of receiving – from appreciative people whom I’ve helped in various ways during the year. Today they brought gifts. This one has never crossed my threshold before, and I wasn’t sure what it was. It’s a peony, just peeping out of its tight folds, and preparing to open.

I was gifted three of them, in this beautiful bouquet.

Then someone brought me the first pohutukawa blossom, which I added to an arrangement I was making on a white plate. The fine ‘petals’ were already shedding themselves over my table, as they do, and I rather liked the way they showed up on the white.

I was also gifted these little hand-made flax creations: a fish, on the left, and a flower on the right. It is so tightly enfolded, that it reminds me of the peony.
The thoughtfulness of others is such a pleasure to receive. Now I’m starting to make my own Xmas/Solstice cards, ready to send to the special people whom I want to appreciate. Giving and receiving: it flows on like a river, all part of the joy and openness of summer.


  1. Marja

    Oh what a gorgious presents I love the peony In dutch it is called pioen roos. I also love the little fish. I had a friend who made beautiful flowers out of flex

  2. juliet

    Yes, they are lovely aren’t they Marja. I like the Dutch name for peony, and I’d love to learn to make things like this out of flax.

  3. Marilyn

    Very beautiful and thoughtful gifts. I love peonies, it’s just a shame we live too far north to grow them. I remember seeing large stretches of peonies being farmed near Naseby years ago.

  4. juliet

    Marilyn, they must look spectacular en masse. I guess they all come from the south island.

  5. lifeonthecutoff

    That peony is such a magnificent specimen to see today, Juliet, especially since we won’t see them here for another six months. Enjoy all the beauty.

  6. juliet

    I’m glad you are able to share the beauty, Penny.

  7. Lynley

    What lovely gifts from nature for you Juliet.

  8. juliet

    Lynley, the gifts from nature are the best of all.

  9. Hilary

    Hi Juliet .. the peony is beautiful – I was buying those in the summer (when I saw them) for my mother .. as she loves that flower.

    The other gifts are quite beautiful too – nature does offer us so much .. those flax origami type crafts are fun ..

    Enjoy the weekend now for you! Cheers Hilary

  10. juliet

    Hi Hilary. Your mother is lucky to be presented with peonies. This is the first time I’ve ever had any, and I can’t stop admiring them.

  11. Anne Dean Ruffell

    Peonies are such wonderful lush flowers and I adore them. Dad used to have a great show of them with sometimes 20 blooms in a clump in his garden in Bournemouth. Whenever I see them, I think of him. I was given a bouquet of them for my 60th birthday and photographed it so the blooms never fade!

  12. juliet

    Anne, that sounds amazing to have 20 blooms at a time. What a lovely memory to have of your father – and of your 60th birthday.


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