It’s been a day of receiving – from appreciative people whom I’ve helped in various ways during the year. Today they brought gifts. This one has never crossed my threshold before, and I wasn’t sure what it was. It’s a peony, just peeping out of its tight folds, and preparing to open.

I was gifted three of them, in this beautiful bouquet.

Then someone brought me the first pohutukawa blossom, which I added to an arrangement I was making on a white plate. The fine ‘petals’ were already shedding themselves over my table, as they do, and I rather liked the way they showed up on the white.

I was also gifted these little hand-made flax creations: a fish, on the left, and a flower on the right. It is so tightly enfolded, that it reminds me of the peony.
The thoughtfulness of others is such a pleasure to receive. Now I’m starting to make my own Xmas/Solstice cards, ready to send to the special people whom I want to appreciate. Giving and receiving: it flows on like a river, all part of the joy and openness of summer.