Gift of the Sea

by | Jan 14, 2012 | Uncategorized | 5 comments

 After enjoying my Tai Chi by the sea, I noticed something on the ground. It looked like a sculpture, a wave of the sea.

 Then I found this little vessel, like a tiny raft to sail the waves in.

And another one. Such beautiful gifts from the sea – peelings from some unknown plant, perhaps a leaf frond or a petal, who knows? – and containing these bleached leaves. This is exactly as I found them: a blessing from nature, a perfect discovery after my first Tai Chi by the sea.
Such wonder is always there in the natural world, but sometimes we huddle inside and forget to venture out. When I do, even if the weather is wild and windy, I always find something. I’m always glad.


  1. lifeonthecutoff

    A blessing from nature – so wondrous a gift, isn’t it? These do look like little rafts, Juliet, and such beauty to discovery after your first tai chi. This is such a peaceful post, to me.

  2. juliet

    Penny, peaceful is just the right word for how I felt when coming across these gifts. Thank you.

  3. Marja

    Oh wonderful I’ve never seen it before It is indeed like a little raft. The kid in me comes up wanting to put little puppets in there and sail them away lol

  4. Lynley

    What an intriguing gift for you.

    Could it be a “leaf” off the fruit/nut that forms at the top of a Nikau palm I wonder?

    The bleached leaves in their raft look like small silver fish.

    Your little one would love this raft and its inhabitants.

    Happy beachcombing!

  5. juliet

    Marja, that’s just how I feel too. I imagine little people in there.
    Lynley, I’ve discovered where it comes from. You are pretty close. All will be revealed in the next post! You are so right, the bleached leaves are just like little fish.
    Thank you, both of you.


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