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The garden fairy came to visit. She was very intent on caring for my plants with the little plastic watering can that I keep nearby. I don’t water the jade plants very often, but the garden fairy made sure they were not missed out.

Then she moved on to the ‘Victoria Blue’ salvia. I thought it had died earlier in the year, but after being cut back it’s enjoying a spring revival, and the flowers are a glorious colour. Having learned all the basic hues of the paintbox, the fairy now discusses with me whether the colour is blue, or purple, or violet, and any of the shades in between, such as ‘bluish purple’ or ‘purply blue’.

The other jade plant just to the left of the salvia was also included.

As was the fragrant daphne bush. It was left on my doorstep by a dear friend after a loss that shook our family some weeks ago. Now the flowering is over, but it still needs care. As the fairy focussed on her watering task, the sun made magical patterns on the tiles.

Then she moved on to the big pot, in which the primrose has finished and a new parsley plant is looking rather wan. I’d rather given up on this pot, but the fairy leaves nothing untended,

even the other pot to the right, in which the plants are struggling.
How lucky I am to be reminded of the importance of tending, in this season of loss. The matriarch of the family has died, at 95, but the young one picks up the watering can and does what needs to be done. In her innocence, she brings hope of renewal.


  1. Marilyn

    Such gorgeous photos of a precious wee garden fairy. Yes, it is so lovely to see life carrying on after a loss of a family elder.

    I need your wee fairy to give me a lesson on purple and blues and the whole range in between for painting aubergines!

  2. juliet

    Having just visited your aubergine post I know exactly what you mean, Marilyn. the paintbox doesn’t have either colours or names for most of those hues. Thank you.

  3. growMama

    that matriarch left quite the legacy in you all…strength to you as you adjust to that loss. Fairies are so good at being there and saying the perfect thing at the perfect moment at such times – i’m glad you have one around. x

  4. juliet

    Thanks Anissa, nice to have you visit. Yes, that’s what fairies do, for sure. She is a great blessing.

  5. Hilary

    Hi Juliet – welcome to the delightful garden fairy .. such tenderness to all is a wonder to behold. Then that little brain asking about the colours beyond the rainbow … jade is such a gorgeous colour and plant – I saw the jade vine in flower at the Eden Project and it was staggering in colour …

    I am so sorry for your loss though – wise mothers with years of wisdom being lost to us – though a life blessed and long. Others sadly too .. I feel for you .. thankgoodness for the fairy .. Hilary


  6. juliet

    thanks Hilary, for your kind coments.

  7. lifeonthecutoff

    This is such a beautifully hopeful post in a time of grief. What a lovely tribute, Juliet, to your mother-in-law and to Mira as well. That poignant passage of time and of life and the ever-bearing hope for the future all rolled up in the busy-ness of this little garden fairy.

  8. juliet

    Thank you Penny; yes, the new generation brings so much hope even as the older generation passes on.

  9. Lynley

    Your little one seems to exude such focused attention and quiet care. Lovely healing energy being shared.

  10. juliet

    Yes Lynley, it is healing so be with the next generation in this way.


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