The garden fairy came to visit. She was very intent on caring for my plants with the little plastic watering can that I keep nearby. I don’t water the jade plants very often, but the garden fairy made sure they were not missed out.

Then she moved on to the ‘Victoria Blue’ salvia. I thought it had died earlier in the year, but after being cut back it’s enjoying a spring revival, and the flowers are a glorious colour. Having learned all the basic hues of the paintbox, the fairy now discusses with me whether the colour is blue, or purple, or violet, and any of the shades in between, such as ‘bluish purple’ or ‘purply blue’.

The other jade plant just to the left of the salvia was also included.

As was the fragrant daphne bush. It was left on my doorstep by a dear friend after a loss that shook our family some weeks ago. Now the flowering is over, but it still needs care. As the fairy focussed on her watering task, the sun made magical patterns on the tiles.

Then she moved on to the big pot, in which the primrose has finished and a new parsley plant is looking rather wan. I’d rather given up on this pot, but the fairy leaves nothing untended,

even the other pot to the right, in which the plants are struggling.
How lucky I am to be reminded of the importance of tending, in this season of loss. The matriarch of the family has died, at 95, but the young one picks up the watering can and does what needs to be done. In her innocence, she brings hope of renewal.