Fusion Xmas – finally!

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I’m delighted to be posting again. Because you see, my laptop died on Christmas Day – well almost. It seems it was in the last throes, but was able to emit its data to my new one – but very slowly. It took 2 days and 2 nights, with a fan heater set to cool, placed on my desk to keep the little metal brain soothed. Touch and go, but most of my data is loaded, my photos have been saved, and I have a beautiful new iMac on my desk, which makes my pictures look bright and shiny.

It’s a little after the event, but I must tell you what I saw when I walked into the kitchen at my son’s house for Christmas lunch. Three pairs of Chinese hands with their little rolling pins were working away, helping my daughter-in-law make dumplings – it’s a Chinese new year speciality, but transferred nicely to our Christmas.

 It’s a lot of work, but they were laughing and chattering away, mostly in Mandarin, and as they stuffed the little dumplings. ‘What’s in the stuffing?’ I asked. ‘Gossip!’ they laughed.

 Meanwhile, in the kitchen, my son was tossing mustard seeds, cumin and coriander and much more into the pan to prepare his famous dahl – he is an expert on Indian cooking.

 He also makes a fine home-made hummus, a touch of the Middle East. We also had a dish of noodles and another of snow peas, brought by the Chinese visitors.

 I brought a garden salad, which I tossed up in the kitchen amidst the bustle, while a chitter-chatter of little children, all friends from Play Centre (like their mums) ran up and down, outside and in, squealing with excitement.

 My granddaughters (one a teenager) had already helped with the piece de resistance for dessert

 and my son had concocted a gluten-free frozen blueberry pie, which disappeared very fast.

The Christmas tree was decorated with ornaments from Christmases past, together with the new addition of a stitched felt star, made by my daughter-in-law.
New Zealand is full of so many cultures, and all the rules about Christmas dinner (which go with a winter Christmas anyway) have been tossed out the window. We all join in together, with whoever is around, and have a good time. And the children, who met when they were very small, in the cooperative atmosphere of Play Centre, loved every minute.


  1. Vicki Lane

    Your Christmas sounds perfect! May your New Year be full of joy!

  2. juliet

    Thank you Vicki, and good wishes to you too.

  3. cecilia

    You had a splendid international christmas, that must have been marvellous and so like NZers to adjust and welcome the new, we are not too tied to tradition that way.. c

  4. juliet

    * Cecilia, yes, we just keep adapting and welcoming in the new. Life is a lot of fun that way. Nice to see you here; hope you picked up a bit of sunshine while visiting.

  5. Diana Drent

    May 2013 bring you what 2012 forgot.

    May everyday of the new year glow with happiness and cheer for you and your family.

  6. juliet

    * Diana, thank you. What a nice thought.

  7. Hotly Spiced

    It’s lovely that your Christmas is very inclusive so no one need be alone on Christmas Day. The variety of cuisines is amazing – there was definitely something there for everyone. I do hope you post the recipe for the GF pudding – it looks very pretty xx

  8. juliet

    * Hi Charlie, I think the pudding was pretty well improvised, but will see if there’s a recipe that could be written down. It’s satisfying to include others in our Christmas Day celebrations.

  9. Lynley

    What a rich feast you all enjoyed.

    I loved the dumplings stuffed with “gossip”. I did have to giggle over that delightful piece.

    I love Christmas tree ornaments with history and significance. We still have some kindy and Playcentre made ones on our tree here, as well as ones made with Gran a long way back in childhood.

    The excited children on your day will take away a wonderful array of memories.

    I’m glad Father Christmas bought you a new iMac. Computers have been a real bother to you at year’s end.

  10. juliet

    * Lynley, so you were a Playcentre mum too! What amazing history your Christmas ornaments must hold. Yes, Santa was kind to me this year, but I think he put the payment onto my visa account, which wasn’t so kind.
    Thank you.

  11. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet … it does sound a glorious time was had by all – and that food looks positively delicious!!

    So pleased the computer is one of those brand new ones – lucky you … enjoy the lack of break down etc ..

    Happy 2013 – cheers Hilary

  12. juliet

    Thanks Hilary, we had a great time. Happy 2013 to you too.


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