While I’ve been in emptiness, nature has been in great fullness.

 Like the moon that flooded in my window last night. Just a little camera shake, and I have a heart, tipped on its side.

 And I’m remembering my farewell to the bach. On the last evening I walked out across the large inland dune that stretches between me and the lake.

 Sometimes, just as it’s time to leave, everything becomes perfect.

 And the beauty is almost too much to bear.

And so, back home, I’ve been rather overwhelmed by the backlog of emails and tasks to be dealt with. I’ve withdrawn into quietness, and have felt too overwhelmed to read all the blog posts that I missed. But I’ve been sustained by the delicious courgettes and beans harvested from my bach garden. And gradually, little by little, I’ve been visiting you all, and loving your wonderful creative blog posts, that keep appearing from day to day.

I’ve been short of words and short of creative impulses. I’m stumbling, feeling inarticulate. But you are in abundance and fullness.

And I’ve had a new year surprise:
Gallivanta, who writes a lovely thoughtful, creative blog, has just honoured me in her latest post. My book ‘Spirited Ageing’ has been her first read of the year, and she writes about it so generously. Here’s the link to her blog silkannthreades. Do take a look; she is well worth a visit. I’m reminded of when I did have the words and was in my creative fullness.