The tide is as full as it gets. As I do my Tai Chi, I hear the water sloshing up over the nearby boat ramp.

 Despite the clouds, and heavy rain forecasts for the south island, the sky still has plenty of blue. The pohutukawa, long past flowering, watches over me from the cliff above,

together with banana palm and the ti – cabbage tree, with its distinctive spiky leaves.

 Mother shag, the full-tide visitor, is here once more. She sits patiently, doing her own sequence, which consists of a neck turn to the right,

 followed by a neck turn to the left. Then back to the right again. This is her Tai Chi, and we move in unison it seems.

Then she settles down, sitting like a hen, just watching the sea. I don’t think she’s looking for fish, because she has an alert standing pose for that. I imagine she has a full belly, and is enjoying the peace of the morning.
She reminds me that sometimes enough is enough. I’ve had a few busy days, tackling income tax, dealing with a computer breakdown just as I had almost finished, attending meetings, and running around town. Yesterday Inland Revenue sent me a letter to say I had a reprieve for another month.
Enough is enough. This is a day to enjoy, for me and mother shag.