For you, at Solstice

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 Here at the bach, life is simple. No shops, no piped water, no through roads; and so gifts must be conjured up out of whatever nature provides.
 For solstice, I have made you a basket. Because it’s summer solstice today in New Zealand, little suns dance around the rim.

 and on the inside are berries, for ripening, a feather for the flight of the imagination, and a ‘rabbit’s tail’ to caress your cheek. In the world there have been some harsh events. And so I send you a basket of goodness,

 full of treasures chosen by Mira, little gifts to warm your heart.

 And a fish, to remind you of swimming freely. Here we are swimming or splashing daily in the stream, lagoon or sea, wriggling our legs and squealing with delight.

Finally, I have made you a ball. In the ball I have caught the sun. At solstice, the sun turns. Our peak moment is here, and from now on, the sun will be yours. I bounce this ball across the world to all of you in the northern hemisphere,

where the snow is falling and you shiver in the freezing air, I bounce the sun over to you.
Solstice blessings to you all!


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