Spring is the growing season. How can the energies of spring help those, especially the children, who are traumatised by the Christchurch earthquake and its continued aftershocks?
The ground is something we normally associate with stability and safety. But after an earthquake, that trust is broken, and we need to regain perspective: to remember that the earth is normally stable and trustworthy, while the shaking is an exceptional event. To a child, these realities will feel reversed. Shaking and danger will have come to feel normal, and security abnormal. While an adult knows that over the span of a lifetime, an earthquake is a rare event, a child with a much shorter life, does not have such a perspective.

It’s spring, the growing season. Children can be reassured by planting seeds, knowing that the seedlings will be put into the earth when the ground is stable again. In this way, they will be reassured that the cycle of life goes on, that new life can be planted and grown, and the earth can be trusted once more.