Feasting on flowers

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 I promised myself I would resist blogging this week. I need to focus, I said, on the task of processing the editorial changes for my new book. This is a complex stage of book production, and I wanted to make good progress on it.

But hidden among the leaves, great fragrance is wafting out.

 Total focus on the file, I told myself. But Nature had other plans. Alas, by p. 40 it was apparent that the file had become corrupted. The editor is on holiday and could not be contacted. And my computer was becoming sick and slow, a separate problem and just as serious.

Meanwhile, spring flowers are dripping down from the vines

 I knew what must be done, and left messages for my trusty Mac man. But alas, when I tried his cellphone, having received no answers, his sad wife answered to say that he died last week.  They have a young child. Andrei was kind, methodical, and always there to help me out from a tight computer spot.

He has been taken in the springtime of his life.

 There must be so many of us who will miss him.

We are weeping blue tears amidst the greening of spring.

 It’s time to call it a day. Whatever my plans were of getting through masses of editing this week, clicking the tracking boxes off with glee and ending up with a sense of achievement, it is not to be.

The kowhai are dripping from the trees, full of sweet nectar

Tomorrow I will try Geeks on Wheels. They are more expensive and weren’t able to finish the job last time they called. The corrupted file cannot be touched. I have to work around it, and do what I can on paper.

And a single rose blooms amongst the hips of last autumn. 
Andrei, this one is for you.
Rest in peace.


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