Happy spring equinox!  Light and dark are equal today, in balance.

 Out at the bach, bluebells are flowering and the hen and chickens ferns are covered in tiny ‘chicks’.

 The light will now increase until summer solstice. Today after days of rain and storms, with snow on the Desert Road, the air has cleared and the sun is shining.

 Memories are surfacing from the quiet earth with these bluebells.  They came from my father’s garden and have been invisibly multiplying under the surface of the ground, year after year. Every spring they rise up and ring their bells, with a soothing blue sound. They surprise me, and bring back happy memories of my dad.

 Equinox is the season of rejoicing and regeneration.
To those of you in the northern hemisphere, we are especially connected on this day, because our nights and days are the same length. Then we will begin our separate journeys, yours into darkness and ours into increasing light.
Happy equinox, wherever you are. May you find balance and delight in nature on this day.