Happy autumn equinox!

And to you in the northern hemisphere, happy spring equinox!


At equinox, light and dark, day and night come into balance.

At equinox, our two hemispheres of this planet come into balance.

We are together, poised in this moment of changeover.


What the seasons bring

Each season brings its own gifts and its own lessons. We undergo metamorphosis with each season, if we are willing to embrace its essence and allow ourselves to be called into its distinct way of being.

Summer draws us out, into the landscape, on to the water, towards other people, and into a wider awareness.

Winter draws us inwards, into the home, into the interior of our own selves and into a deeper level of awareness.

Now, at equinox, it’s time to pause, and reflect on this moment, mid-way between summer and winter.


A ritual for equinox

Here is a simple ritual you might like to do for the equinox. (Feel free to improvise on these suggestions.)

1. First create an altar. This is a simple setting on a cloth, mat, or table top. Place a candle on the altar. Then find some symbols that evoke the gifts of the bright times — your summer bounty. If you are in the northern hemisphere, find symbols for the gifts of the dark times — your winter treasure.

2. Light your candle. Pause, and close your eyes. Enter the stillness of this time of balance, poised between light and dark, dark and light. Breathe into it. Feel yourself entering the moment of balance, as fully as you can. Feel the spaciousness of this moment.

3. Open your eyes. Reflect and give thanks for whatever it is you are harvesting in your life, from the season that is coming to a close. Imagine you are gathering up this harvest as you prepare to move into the new season ahead. Complete with a song, perhaps an expression of gratitude for the changing seasons, and extinguish your candle.



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