Today is Autumn Equinox.

Time to celebrate abundance

and balance, for today the light and the dark are equal. Northern and Southern Hemispheres, whether in autumn or spring equinox, are poised in the balance of day and night.
Here, summer is gently washing away as autumn drops in quietly with the falling leaves.

The sea is calm, the day is serene. 
We give thanks for the harvest of the heart’s work;
Seeds of faith planted with faith;
Love nurtured by love;
Courage strengthened by courage.
We give thanks for the fruits of the struggling soul,
the bitter and the sweet;
For that which has grown in adversity
And for that which has flourished in warmth and grace;
For the radiance of the spirit in autumn
And for that which must now fade and die.
We are blessed and give thanks.
Michael Leunig