I walked into a wind that was so strong it took all my strength to go forward. To my left, the sea was whipping up white horses.

When I finally turned, it was a relief to feel the hand of the wind in the small of my back, helping me home. A black cloud covered the sun and large raindrops began to fall.


Are you in spring or autumn?

It’s been a wild spring here in Aotearoa New Zealand. But not all transitions are so rough. If you are in the northern hemisphere, you’ll be gliding into autumn right now. That shift tends to be relatively smooth, especially at those times when summer appears to linger, even as winter beckons.

Here in the southern hemisphere you are likely to be tossed around as spring bounds forward, with a promise of sunny days, blossom and new green, then lurches back with the blast of storms such as the one that caught me on my walk.


What if we had no seasons at all?

Imagine if we lived only in one season, that never changed. (And we all had to vote on which one it would be!)

But nature is forever moving through cycles. And this movement teaches us that life is never still. It teaches us to deal with the inevitability of change, and to develop resilience.


Autumn and Spring transitions

In the autumn transition we are asked to practise the art of surrender.
In the spring transition, it’s the art of holding faith through setbacks and reversals.

Even though trees may shudder as their blossoms are roughly shaken off in spring storms, they continue to produce new leaves. Trees are programmed for growth. And so are you.

You are also programmed for dying. As autumn trees drop their leaves, it is the season for you too, to release into a fallow time.


Resistance doesn’t work

Fighting the seasons and attempting to impose a different rhythm on them can be a recipe for conflict and stress. Of course, sometimes external events call us in a different way: a funeral in the full flowering of summer; the demand for a new start in the rest time of winter. In such cases, we need to live with counterpoint.


Both hemispheres

Dear readers, you may have noticed that this newsletter is addressed to you in the north as well as those of you in the south. As my northern hemisphere readers increase, I am looking for ways of including you more.

With the approach of equinox—on September 23 this year—we will be reaching a point of equilibrium.

Light and dark are equal across the earth. We come into harmony with one another. We reach a moment of balance, even though we stand poised on different thresholds: one towards the light and one towards the dark.

We hold hands around the globe.

Thank you for being here as we mark the seasonal changes together.

Equinox blessings to you all,


‘So divinely is the world organised that every one of us, in our place and time, is in balance with everything else.’


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