Does it matter that we celebrate seasonal festivals at the right point of the cycle? Here in New Zealand/Aotearoa all of nature is alive with growth.

 The cabbage trees are profuse in their creamy flowers.

 The whau is in flower. Everywhere, nature is greening.
And so today I celebrate Green Day, the time of peak green energy. To the Maori this season was Whiringanuku, a time for planting. To my Celtic ancestors it was Beltane, the threshold to summer.

Unfortunately the commercial world has in recent years imported the northern hemisphere festival of the dead at this time, and children are running around in black with spooky masks and demands for trick or treats.
This is not our tradition. Here it is spring time. My bach garden is growing apace. Foliage is arching over the streets of our city. It’s a season of life and resurrection, hope and joy. That’s what I’m celebrating today, and why I’ve defiantly pinned a sprig of green on to my jacket. To me, it does matter that we align with our own seasons.
Happy Beltane!