As I emerge from my dark descent, my thoughts have turned to the myth of Persephone and her return from the underworld. 
Today at last the weather cleared for a moment, and I could welcome Persephone back by creating a sand sculpture on the beach. A poem arrived as well, so I am giving you both, in celebration of spring. May it be full of freshness for you!
Did Persephone?
 I don’t think
it was
for her mother
that drew Persephone 
to the earth’s surface, 
 for despite 
Demeter’s warnings,
she let Hades slip
pomegranate seeds
one by one
between her luscious lips.
it must have been
to cavort 
in innocence
once more
 among the daffodils
and lilies,
 to undo the dark taste
of death,
renounce wisdom,
and sing 
like a maiden 
in the freshness 
of spring.

©Juliet Batten