Deeper into Ritual

Would you like to have ritual practices at your finger tips, ready to create seasonal celebrations, personal healing rituals, and ceremonies for your family and friends?

Would you like to develop a grounded presence that holds through times of loss and transition as well as times of high celebration?


Knowing the principles of ritual is the first step.

Developing fluency and an unshakeable centre as you apply the principles is the next vital step.

This is advanced work.

This is why I created my new course, DEEPER INTO RITUAL.


The benefits

The benefits of integrating ritual thoroughly into your life are profound, and they take time to unfold. You may be starting to taste some of those benefits already: a growing sense of the sacred, a knowing that you are being held by something greater than yourself, and the possibility of expressing a sense of wonder at the richness of life.

When fluency is developed and you walk in the light of sacredness, you are equipped to deal with life’s transitions and challenges. By extending your learning, building confidence and integrating the principles of ritual, you will be ready to meet life from a whole new place.

Do these possibilities stir your heart? Then I am excited to let you know that for the first time in four years I will be offering my advanced course in 2019.


Deeper into Ritual will give you:

Profound integration of sacred practices into your daily life
A pathway into celebrating the seasons throughout the year
A deeper level of personal transformation as you are held in the group energy for an extended period of time
Ongoing guidance with creating and sustaining a ritual group
Capacity to create your own personal healing rituals
Increased confidence to hold presence as you introduce ritual to your family and friends

‘When embarking on the Deeper into Ritual course, my longing was to bring sacred ritual into my daily life, and to be able to share it with those I love. And, that is exactly what has occurred. . . . It was a life-changing experience.’
— Amy Cowling, healer



Here is some of the content that will be covered in the six live sessions:


1. SESSION ONE: Being held by Spirit and the group. Forming an intention from a place of deep guidance. Identifying your strength and using ritual for group bonding.

2. SESSION TWO: Bringing the sacred into everyday life. Three simple practices for building ease in integrating ritual more fully into your life.

3. SESSION THREE: Rituals of healing. Rituals of grieving and loss. Creating a personal ritual of healing or transition.

4. SESSION FOUR: How to create a seasonal ritual. Participating in an equinox celebration online with the group.

5. SESSION FIVE: Four keys to creating a ritual of celebration and gratitude: on a small scale or a large scale.

6. SESSION SIX: How to create rituals of completion. Participating in a completion ritual for our group.


‘The earlier course of ‘Sacred Ritual’ has been wonderful, BUT, ‘Deeper into Ritual’ has been an entirely deeper and even more wonderful dimension.’
— Paula


‘I feel more confident and alive, and so immensely grateful for the awakening this course has given me.’
— Sally


‘I now have a practice that can help me attune to the seasons with more presence, stillness and heart.’
— Jeni

We will also explore themes that thread through all sessions, such as awakening the senses in ritual, introducing magic and wonder, holding a group as leader and sustaining a ritual group.



We will meet online twice monthly, over three months, for 1½ hours on a Monday evening. All sessions will be recorded and recordings available within 24 hours.

You will be part of a private Facebook group, with the choice to partner with others in order to build connection and deepen your practices.

There will be a Q & A forum in the Facebook group for one hour on Tuesday nights, twice a month, in the weeks between live sessions.

The forums are a fun way of engaging in a question and answer session in real time. I start a thread and you comment or ask questions using the comments boxes. Participants have reported a delightful sense of ‘group mind’ emerging during the forums. If you can’t be there ‘live’, you can still read what happened afterwards.

‘I loved the facebook forums. A crazy, wonderful place to share thoughts and feelings. I felt like I grew and learnt a lot from these. Very stimulating, thought provoking and memorable.’
—Christine Johannis, psychotherapist


‘The forums were surprisingly great! I didn’t see how they would work, but I ended up really loving them. A very good pairing to go with the live sessions.’
—Laura McLauchlan, anthropologist



Monday evenings 7.15 to 8.45 pm
Aug 12, 26
Sept 9, 23
Oct 7, 21



Tuesday evenings 7.15—8.15 pm
Aug 20
Sept 3, 17
Oct 1, 15, 29



There is an application process for this group.

Once you have been accepted, you will be given my bank details and asked to make a deposit of $80 to secure your place.

There will be two ways to pay the balance:


NZ $540 by Friday July 19
You will save $30.
You will also receive a bonus gift of the Winter (or Summer) Attunement Home Ritual (worth $55).


NZ $190 To be paid on August 1, Sept 1, and Oct 1 by automatic payment.
Evidence of automatic payment set up is required if you are taking this option.
Default payments will incur a $5 admin fee.

Cancellation policy: You will receive a refund minus 10% admin fee if you need to cancel before July 29.
You will receive a 50% refund if you need to cancel before August 5. There will be no refund after August 12.



Are you feeling excited about entering the sacred more fully and consistently than ever before?

Then here’s the next step: fill in the application form. Once you’ve sent it off, I’ll be in touch.

To view the application form, click here or paste the link below into your browser:

I look forward to hearing from you!

And if you have any questions, please ask. (You may email me or use the contact form on this website).