Can you love the dark?

Do you flinch from it or do you walk towards its enfolding embrace?


The winter quiet

We have entered the six darkest weeks of the year (or the six brightest weeks if you are in the northern hemisphere, so here’s something for you).

What sustains you in the cave of the year?

For many tribal people this would be the time to draw inside and attend to repairs or making new things: weaving, carving, netting, or telling stories.


For many, the cave of the year is a creative time. There are no distractions. Winter, when we draw inside, is a quiet season even when nature is making a big noise outside.


My mother’s winter life

Winter was my mother’s creative season. In her later years she became a champion croquet player and an exhibiting artist. At the end of each summer she would exchange her mallet and white dress for paint brushes and a spattered artist’s smock. She would walk down the short path to her studio where, while the winter rain pounded on the tin roof, she would combine memory and imagination to produce wild semi-abstract landscapes of places she had visited in the summer. Her inner fire flared even more brightly now that the outer fire had given way to the dark.

What is your winter treasure?

What nourishes you in winter?

What is your winter gold?


Matariki and Winter Solstice

At this time of the year, so much has been lost.

Yet here’s the paradox: what has been lost is making its return in the dark weeks ahead. Matariki, the home of the ancestors and bringer of food, is rising from the horizon that swallowed it up.

And from the pit of the darkest, longest night, the sun turns away from its journey of absence and begins a trajectory of return that will continue until the next solstice.

Dark by day, dark by night.

In the dark there is loss.
In the dark there are gifts.
Can you love the dark?


Winter blessings,

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