Cultivating the inner sanctum: circles for a challenging time


Your world has changed. You are in lockdown, along with your whole country/region/town.

This has never happened before — to you.


You may feel shaken, disoriented, and uncertain as to how the coming weeks will unfold.

This is a time of choice. You can choose to collapse into a narrow focus on survival. Or you can choose to open to new possibilities and emerge from this time stronger than ever, having discovered amazing inner resources that have lain dormant, waiting to awaken and become part of you.


Support is available!

Would you like support with managing physical isolation through a focus on the highest intention?


I am offering a series of four creativity and resilience circles. Each circle will last for one hour. By entering the Inner Sanctum you will access spiritual resources to uplift and expand your heart over this time. You will turn this unknown period into one of discovery and growth.

 What will happen in the sessions/circles?

Each week you will be guided through a grounding meditation and a process of support and discovery. You will receive inspirational teachings, a blessing, and a practice to take you forward. The sessions will follow different themes, as outlined below.


WEEK ONE: Facing the challenges, and transforming them into opportunities. Discovering hidden resources.


WEEK TWO: Harnessing the power of intention and finding your strength and direction.


WEEK THREE: How to move beyond stagnation into refreshment, nourishment and new growth.


WEEK FOUR: Restoring balance and coming into renewal as you birth a new life.



Here’s what you will receive

Over the four weekly sessions for support and sustenance, you will:


Turn self isolation into self resourcing
Enter a community of warm support
Discover your inner treasure in this time of slowing down
Learn to clear and refresh your energy
Access spiritual resources to uplift and expand you
Turn your home into a place of safety and shelter
Be well, be happy, and open to new opportunities
Actively foster the new life that is seeking to emerge


Prepare to be surprised!


How will it happen?

We will meet by Zoom at 11am NZ time on Wednesdays
April 1, April 8
April 15, 22

You will receive a link to Zoom and all you need to do is be present for one hour. You will emerge fully resourced for each week to come.


What will it cost?

I’m keeping it simple and affordable: just NZD $160 for the four sessions.

You may sign up below. After you’ve paid, wait for 30 seconds so that the sign up form pops up. Enter your details in the form, press SUBMIT and you’ll receive the zoom link. I look forward to seeing you!