Creativity Mentoring: self-assessment

You have a dream. It’s furled up inside you, and you may feel a little tender or uncertain about bringing it out into the light of day. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed when you think about the next step.

So often, I find people compare themselves with others who are further on with their creative projects. They think they should be at a different stage from where they really are.

Please don’t do that to yourself!

I’ve developed this self-assessment so that you can read through the three stages of development, and see which one applies to you, and what help is available.

Accepting where you are is the beginning of your path to bringing your dream into reality.

Please note: The stages are not rigid. There may be some fluidity between them and even some overlap.





STAGE ONE: Preparation

Preparing the nest/kohanga for nurturing your creative spirit
Creating safety
Finding a ‘room’ of one’s own
Learning how to connect with inner guidance.

GOAL: To establish a self-valuing habit and set up regular meetings with your creative self in a safe, protected space.

SUPPORT STEP: Individual mentoring for 2-7 sessions, or longer if needed.





STAGE TWO: Commitment

Your purpose/project has been revealed
Moving from fear to faith
Building confidence
Developing your project

GOAL: To bring focus and purpose to the nurturing nest/kohanga and take the first action steps towards expressing your purpose.

SUPPORT STEP: Join the Spirited Living Mentoring Group with a six month commitment. This will establish compassionate accountability, group support, and consistency.
NOTE: This goal may also be realised through individual mentoring if the group is not available.






Finding your rhythm
Entering the flow of self-expression
Holding faith through interruptions and disruptions

GOAL: To move your project forward in a way that is sustainable and easeful. To develop skills for moving through obstacles.

SUPPORT STEP: Continue in the Spirited Living Mentoring Group beyond the initial six months, through to self-sufficiency or completion of the project.
NOTE: This goal may also be realised through individual mentoring if the group is not available.