Cosy hyacinths

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This year I grew two hyacinths in glass pots, starting them off in a dark cupboard so they could put roots down into the water below (to which I added charcoal for freshness). Once they put up their shoots, I brought them out into the light.

It’s been a joy to show them to 3 year old Mira, and have her watch the miracle of the unfolding with me – and to smell the heavenly fragrance.

I put a third bulb in a pot outside, and would you believe it, but that one, exposed to the elements and every cold blast, is actually doing better than these cosetted beauties.

Here it is, basking in today’s sun that was full of warmth, in sheltered nooks away from the icy wind.


  1. Joan

    Magic Nana moments! Oh yes the fragrance. I have just one flower out at my back door and I am amazed at the scent that takes me by surprise when I open my door.

  2. juliet

    Thank you for visiting Joan. Yes, the scent really travels doesn’t it? I love the phrase ‘Magic Nana moments’ – it has a good ring to it.

  3. lifeonthecutoff

    Such an enjoyable planting to share with a young child. How interesting that the one outside is blooming faster. Have you ever tried growing an amaryllis, Juliet? It is fun with children because it grows so fast each day.
    Enjoy your burgeoning spring.

  4. juliet

    Thanks Penny. I’d love to try an amaryllis; what a good idea. One of my nieces was named after this beautiful flower. It would have to be happy in a pot, of course. I have no idea why the outside one is growing best.

  5. realruth

    My outside hyacinths are flowering too, despite the snow.


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