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 I’ve scooped out the seeds from the pumpkin-that-grew-itself at the bach. Saving the seeds of the best plant, in order to sow them in the spring, is the way to ensure a successful crop next year. This pumpkin deserved to be saved, for it grew through a season when I wasn’t there to water it regularly. It grew, it ripened, and it tasted good when I turned it into soup this week.

 The envelope was ready, and I invited Mira to draw a pumpkin on it, so we would know what seeds were inside.

 Orange of course was the colour. ‘I’m going round and round,’ she said. ‘I’m making a circle.’ And so she was, in her own way.

 I’d shown her the half pumpkin that remained, and the inside where the seeds had been scooped out, so she knew about the circular shapes.

Finally the envelope was ready. I added a label, and Mira a sun. There it is, all ready to ripen the plants when they are sown in the spring time.
Saving the best. It works not just with seeds, but with memories, friendships and other special relationships. In spring when the ground is warm once more, we will dig manure and compost into the soil and plant the seeds. My father taught me how to garden, and as I teach Mira, the best of that learning is passed on to her. Maybe one day she will pass it on in turn, as she pulls out an envelope for her grandchild to decorate before slipping into it a treasure trove of sun-dried seeds.


  1. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet .. beautiful thoughts expressed here – wonderful that you’re inspiring Mira in so many ways – and as you say she will remember – I hope she follows your example.

    Lovely post and pictures .. cheers Hilary

  2. lifeonthecutoff

    A wonderful post, Juliet, bringing to mind my own grandmother, saving her seeds in colored tissues, tied with a string. Each tissue representing a plant She had her own system and it worked well for a woman who couldn’t read or write. I’m sure one day Mira will carry the tradition of collecting seeds on and remember her time doing so with you.

  3. Hotly Spiced

    What a lovely activity to do with your granddaughter. What a special time. What a great way to learn. I hope you will show us images of the pumpkins you grow with these seeds. xx

  4. juliet

    * Hilary, thank you for your appreciative comment.

    * Penny, I love the thought of using coloured tissues as your grandmother did. What a clever way of organising the seeds without having to write. No doubt you will be doing the same with Kezzie in a year or two. Thank you.

    * Charlie, thank you for your comment & I like the idea of photographing the next generation of pumpkins.

  5. Lynley

    What a happy piece you shared with Mira. I’m sure she will soak up the learning. It is wonderful to be able to keep the wheel turning through the generations.

    Next year she will be able to help you make the pumpkin soup…..maybe from her very own pumpkin.

  6. juliet

    *Lynley, what a nice thought, to make pumpkin soup from the pumpkin she grows herself. Thank you.

  7. ceciliag

    saving seeds is wonderful, especially when accompanied by the wonder of a child.. c

  8. juliet

    Thanks Cecilia, it’s exciting to know that the best of the season is all ready to go next spring, and as you say, the wonder of a little child certainly adds an extra dimension.

  9. Joan

    I love the Mira and you stories. How special all these shared times. My wish is for all children to have such relationships in their lives. Such a treasure.

  10. juliet

    Joan, we are so lucky aren’t we to have these little ones in our lives. Treasure indeed. Thank you.


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