Circles of goodness: more prayers for Christchurch

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I’ve just returned from leading a summer retreat on Waiheke Island. There’s something about crossing water, and staying on an island that creates a zone of peace. It would have been easy to cut off completely; but in fact this was an opportunity to connect more deeply than ever with the healing needs of this land, following the Christchurch earthquake.
First we contemplated, by bringing symbols, the fullness of our own summers. Such richness appeared. I love the almonds, grown by a local woman. They remind me how nature is storing goodness in this end-of-summer season. Another woman brought a small bundle of hay, that she had scythed herself. Abundance was named, and ‘circles of goodness’.

We filled ourselves with peace and goodness. Then we were ready to give, from our own fullness. Each woman made an image of healing for Christchurch, drawing the quality that she had in abundance, enough to spill over and give to others.

We placed our images around the centre. Then we prayed and sent our blessings to all those whose lives have been shaken and shattered.

The healing energy in the room was palpable.

Dear ones in Christchurch, and all those affected by this event, our love is with you.


  1. Joan

    This would have been so lovely on the Island. I wish I could have been there too. My brother’s ashes were buried on the Island yesterday, by my sister-in-law Angela, and her family who live on Waiheke. It is a very special place and I’ve been fortunate to have many holidays there.

  2. Marilyn

    I have a great love of Waiheke. My earliest memories are of a holiday on the island when I was very young, going over on the old ferry (Baroona I think it was), the island was a bush clad paradise with little bachs hidden away.
    What a special place for your retreat, so much peace as you prayed for healing for Christchurch.

  3. juliet

    thank you Marilyn & Joan. Yes, Waiheke is a very special place and it’s lovely to hear of the connections you both have with it.

  4. lifeonthecutoff

    Your retreat sounds so meaningful and peaceful, Juliet. Thank you for sharing it here.


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