We’ve just passed Chinese New Year. In Hong Kong, where my book is being printed, the celebrations last all week and the printing press closes down. I like to imagine that the ink is drying on the printed insides of the books right now.

My Tai Chi teacher, Master Khoo, is very community minded, and brings out the big dragons to prance in procession for Chinese New Year

 He said I could take his photo and post it on my blog. There’s lots of balancing needed when doing Tai Chi, and we have to practise moving our weight from one leg to the other before going into a new sequence. I’m still trying to master this kick.

 I feel quite a novice still, but received a big boost when I went for my first class of the year. Master Khoo had my graduation gift all wrapped and ready, to mark my first whole year of Tai Chi. Because I was away at the beach, I missed the big dinner and graduation that he held in December for all his pupils, most of whom have been coming to his classes for many years.

Inside the wrapping was this old man doing ‘Wave Hands Like Clouds’.
‘Every year you will receive another statue,’ said Master Khoo, ‘and after ten years you will have the whole set.’
Whew! That’s certainly something to aim for. The Chinese are great on longevity, and not the least bit put off by those students who begin in later life. For them, Tai Chi never ends.

The heron, who practises her balancing acts in front of me, when I do my Tai Chi by the sea, would agree. Seeking the still point is an everlasting quest.