Celebration planting

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Just after I had the plaster cut off my arm, I walked down the street past a plant shop. This bright splash of colour – a polyanthus – caught my eye, and I thought, I must have that to celebrate!

Then I saw the brick-red pansy with its large cheerful face, and took that as well.

I made room in the big planter pot on my deck, and discovered as I was digging that the last of the hyacinths is now starting to bloom.

And so they are all clustered together, with the little viola I planted some time ago in the middle. This is my celebration pot, expressing my joy at being two-handed once more. I can now do all those little tasks like fastening a necklace, washing my hair, reading a newspaper without using a table, and best of all, when the little one comes round, I can clap my hands and do pat-a-cake with her.


  1. lifeonthecutoff

    Joy supreme! What a wonder is small tasks completed and flowers to grow after being in a cast for so long, Juliet. I am so happy for you and the relief it must bring. Clap. Clap. Clap as you enjoy both your hands with sweet Mira.

  2. juliet

    Thank you for sharing the joy with me Penny. It’s funny the little things I’ve missed – like being able to clap. Evidently Mira put the inside of a used toilet roll on her arm and said she was like granny!

  3. Marilyn

    Oh what joy to have your arm free Juliet, being able to do the things that we take for granted until something like a broken arm stops us. I know the feeling of weakness once plaster has been removed, I had my foot in plaster for six weeks after surgery and I was so surprised, and disappointed, at how weak my foot felt …but so good to be free.
    I have enjoyed catching up on your past posts and enjoyed your words and photos. What a special time when all generations gathered around your family elder. We are off to Hawera in a few days to celebrate with Jeff’s uncle for his 97th birthday – just the two of us and him but it will be special.

  4. juliet

    thank you Marilyn, and nice to have you back. Yes, that moment of freedom is sweet, but the weakness is a surprise. Have a great trip to Hawera – 97 is a grand age. I hope the mountain shows itself for you.

  5. Deckhand

    Spring growth is everywhere but the softness of new leaves can remind us to be mindful of the weaker and vulnerable parts of ourselves.

    I hope your wrist is strengthening daily Juliet. Such uplifting flowers in your pot.

  6. M.Kate

    Hi there, I popped over from Marja’s place. Hope your write is getting better and I love all the blooms here. Happy week ahead.

  7. juliet

    Thanks for visiting, Kate and Deckhand. The blooms are looking even more vibrant now.

  8. Marja

    Worth a celebration being able again to hold that beauty and colour in two hands

  9. Anne Dean Ruffell

    I have just spent an enjoyable hour catching up on all the posts from when I was away and involved in other things that left me no time to spare for contemplative reading and writing. It is lovely to see the vivid colours of your flowers in pots and all the growth of spring around you. We had a glorious few days of Indian Summer and now autumn has come with a vengeance – yesterday no leaves on the lawn, now covered with a mosaic of them. One of our trees went golden overnight and the high winds of yesterday have meant it is now nearly bare. Thank goodness your arm is now free of its prison and you can start living your life properly again.

  10. juliet

    Thank you Anne. What contrasts we have in our seasons at the moment.


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