Just after I had the plaster cut off my arm, I walked down the street past a plant shop. This bright splash of colour – a polyanthus – caught my eye, and I thought, I must have that to celebrate!

Then I saw the brick-red pansy with its large cheerful face, and took that as well.

I made room in the big planter pot on my deck, and discovered as I was digging that the last of the hyacinths is now starting to bloom.

And so they are all clustered together, with the little viola I planted some time ago in the middle. This is my celebration pot, expressing my joy at being two-handed once more. I can now do all those little tasks like fastening a necklace, washing my hair, reading a newspaper without using a table, and best of all, when the little one comes round, I can clap my hands and do pat-a-cake with her.