Cascades and Canopies

by | Oct 21, 2013 | Uncategorized | 16 comments

 Green tunnels are forming everywhere down the streets where I travel.

 The spring growth is exuberant

and the trees seem to be reaching up to the sky.

Cascades of daisies tumble along the footpaths.

 Spring knows no bounds.

 Wistaria falls in creamy cascades,

exuding sweet fragrance,

and despite a persistent wind, the sun is shining. More warmth creeps into every day. Ah, fickle spring, are you really here to stay?


  1. Anne Else

    That wisteria is glorious. I was driven through soe lovely “green tunnel” roads in Sussex and Cheshire…

  2. juliet

    Anne, I remember those many green tunnels in England; really lovely. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Penny O'Neill

    My goodness, Juliet, your spring is breathtaking. I’ve never seen daisies in such abundance and the wisteria – I can almost smell them. It must feel nothing less that heavenly. I do hope your spring is here to stay.

  4. juliet

    *Penny, I hope so too! We have wind and grey skies again today, but the flowers are glorious.

  5. Hotly Spiced

    Those streets look so pretty. It’s lovely to see so much green. And NZ is SO green. We don’t see green here like you do in NZ. I hope your Spring weather is here to stay xx

  6. juliet

    Hi Charlie, the green is very restful. We are lucky.

  7. Lynley

    Our poor spring leaves are taking such a pounding this spring. The gales are blustering again now, maybe clearing out old unwanted leftovers?

    Your avenue of trees is beautiful. They look so protective and sheltering for any people walking beneath them.

    And all those daisies! Wow!

    It has been a very strange season with so many plants in abundance and other plants struggling and suffering.

  8. juliet

    * Lynley, the winds have been so savage this spring. The daisies and wistaria are in a very protected street, and so is the avenue of trees. The gales will be on their way to Auckland, when they’ve finished with your area.

  9. Marja

    What a delight all that lush green and I sooo love the wisteria
    No warm days here. We are heading for the west coast and it is cold over there. We will have fun though

  10. juliet

    Marja, the green is so fulsome at the moment, but it’s cooler here again today. Have a fun weekend.

  11. Vicki Lane

    So beautiful to imagine the fragrance … as I sit by the fire on a very chilly Autumn evening.

  12. juliet

    Vicki, the wisteria scent is just heavenly. I hope it wafts across the world to you as your season turns chilly.

  13. cecilia g

    I love wisteria, beautiful post juliet! c

  14. juliet

    Celi, nice to see you. Hope you find the green and the wistaria soothing. I love wistaria too, it’s like a tousled woman exuding perfume.

  15. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet .. gorgeous photos .. and ah ah winter creeps towards us .. it is now getting colder … but today the sun shines, after the storms. All ok here ..

    Cheers Hilary

  16. juliet

    Glad you enjoyed the photos Hilary. It’s lovely to be in the fullness of spring.


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