Came a wet Sunday . . .

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What can be done with a wet Sunday? If it falls in the middle of winter, staying in bed with a good book is an appealing option. But when it’s the start of summer, the season beckons. I began with the first option, but then remembered the farmers’ market in Grey Lynn.

Everything is fresh from the earth on these stalls. You get to meet the growers, and the vegetables have the season’s rain still on their leaves. This lettuce was crunchy and green,

the courgettes straight off the plant,

and the eggs newly laid. Everything is organic, and no middle traders are involved. The money goes straight to the growers, and only one road trip is needed. Economy all round.

And so, on this wet Sunday, I made a delicious salad of fresh raw vegetables and herbs, zinging with life and abundance. As I sat and ate my lunch, it felt as if the sun had come out.


  1. Hilary

    Hi Juliet – gosh they look delicious .. and Spring veggie — lucky you to be able to enjoy them … Brilliant photos .. thanks for showing us .. I’d do that too .. Hilary

  2. lifeonthecutoff

    Oh my. As we are just entering our barren season here, Juliet, your fresh picked vegetables look so amazing and your salad simply delicious. A wonderful venture on a rainy summer day. Thank you for sharing your bounty here.

  3. juliet

    Hilary and Penny, glad you could have a taste of freshness as you enter winter in your northern hemisphere countries. Penny, I was thinking as I posted that this food is a bit different from your warm cooked thanksgiving fare.

  4. Marilyn

    What gorgeous photos. There is nothing better than a meal of freshly picked produce. I love farmers markets, sadly we don’t have one here.

  5. juliet

    Ah, but you have your little jeweller’s box Marilyn, where you grow your own so successfully.


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