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Bright patches pink magnolia


At last the weather looked fair enough for a weekend at the bach.

As I wandered down the aisles of the Fruit Barn, selecting lettuces, carrots, avocados and capsicum for a salad, the weather man’s voice chattered out from the speakers.

‘The good news,’ he declared, ‘is that there will be bright patches. He continued, ‘I can’t tell you where or when, because these rain clouds keep rolling in everywhere. But bright patches will pop up also.’



More than one kind

When I reached the bach I found the garden smothered in weeds, all except for one spot where a few silver beet plants were growing. Their leaves were dark green, and shiny with life.

‘Bright patches,’ I thought, as I gently drew the French doors closed against the next drift of rain, and hastened to unload my gear from the car before the next heavy shower (sigh).


Visiting angels 

Do you depend on bright patches to see you through a roll call of stormy or dull days?

In such circumstances, these flashes of sunlight can seem like visiting angels that bring a lift to the spirit just when it is sinking most low.

Yet, as the weatherman said, the arrival of such patches can’t be predicted.



Drawing in brightness 

What if you could attract or even create your own brightness, so that instead of it being a chancy visitor, it becomes a familiar companion?

That’s the difference between being hapless in your life and becoming a powerful co-creator of your destiny.


So you think this is not for you?

Fanciful? This is the shift that took place for me over 30 years ago when I began to do daily spiritual practices.

It’s not that I never ‘lose it’. I do. But I know that a bright stream of love, abundance, joy and creativity is always waiting in the reservoir, ready to flow freely once I’ve cleared away the blockages.


How do you enter the bright stream? 

Maybe you’ve found benefits from being in a group that contains and holds you, and also provides guidance or spiritual nurturing.



Oh Muse, I didn’t realise we could start dating! 

It all started in the 1970s. I wanted to draw and paint, but a limiting belief held me back. In those days I thought I had to wait for the Muse to visit before I could enter the zone and find enough inspiration to carry me through.

This was a bit like waiting for bright patches in a wet cloudy spring.

Hey Muse, could we even fall in love and go steady?

I did an art course, and learned some useful things, but my habits and beliefs didn’t change. Then I was invited to join the ‘Ayr St group’ with some other women who shared a studio every Wednesday while their children were at school.

The atmosphere of dedication was profoundly nourishing. We painted without chatter. Over lunch we looked at art books and exhibition catalogues, and gave feedback on each other’s work.

The women helped me with technical issues, and from time to time our mentor, a well known artist, dropped in to critique our work. After a year I had my first exhibition with the group, and gradually went on to become a full-time exhibiting artist.

Do you have a dream that has been conceived but not yet birthed?

If so, I’ve created the Spirited Living Mentoring group to offer you powerful containment, holding and mentoring; with the additional element of spiritual connection to access inspired guidance and flow.

Two people have signed up already, with exciting creative projects they want to birth. Other inquiries are arriving from people committed to offering their gifts to the world in an expanded form.

You can read more here. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. There are four places left and one of them could be yours.


Here’s another way to make a start

Even if the mentoring group is not right for you at this time, the Spring Attunement will help you jump-start your intention for the coming months.

I did it for myself a month ago, and have been feeling quite light-hearted and zesty ever since!

You can check it out here.
(If you sign up to the mentoring group in October, you will receive the Spring Attunement as a gift.)


A video about falling in love

I had fun making a short video outside amidst the green. In it I talk about the secret to falling in love in spring. (By now you will have guessed that it’s not what you might expect).

You will find the video on my Facebook page:

I wish you well with waking up to your potential this spring, and bringing it to life by whichever means you choose.

Spring blessings,



Your inner purpose is to awaken. It is as simple as that.
—Eckhart Tolle


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  1. Nadezda

    Happy spring Juliet! I like this forecast, saying: don’t know where and when, ha ha! We have visiting angels here as well as so many clouds in the sky, and sunny rays are not frequent.

    • Juliet Batten

      Hi Nadezda, I’m glad you have visiting angels too. It’s so funny when a forecaster can’t forecast! Thank you.

  2. Penny

    This is so uplifting, even for myself; someone now falling into, well, into Fall. It is pouring here, the rain rather noisy upon the roof, an outdoor field trip planned for our garden club, and, yet, I CAN see some brightness, Juliet. I’ll look forward to hearing more about your Spirited Living Mentoring Group, and I will take to heart your encouraging words here.

    • Juliet Batten

      Penny, I’m glad you can see some brightness too amidst the falling rain of Fall. I’m glad you found some encouragement from my post. Thank you.

  3. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet – lovely post with some wonderful thoughts … the bright patch – sometimes we just need one of those in the road ahead … Bright patches … we can patch the gloomy ones.

    Do you pronounce ‘bach’ as batch, or bach (soft ch)? … I heard someone say batch, but as he was English I didn’t know – now I need to know!

    Enjoy your Spring … and getting on with things …

    Cheers Hilary

    • Juliet Batten

      Hilary, thanks for dropping in. Patching the gloomy ones with the bright, what a nice idea. Bach is short-hand for ‘bachelor’s dwelling’, a little hut from pioneer times, so it’s pronounced the same as ‘batch’.

  4. Dana Leigh Lyons

    Love imagining your Ayr St group, Juliet. Reading of it reminds me of something I’ve longed for in my own life – a community of creative, spiritual, supportive women. My partner longs for that too, but in a men’s group, and has found it from time to time in various homes.

    A rather solitary creature, I tend to forget this potential source of “brightness” and stick to my own. But there’s a local women’s sweat coming up next weekend…perhaps your nudge was what I needed to make my way there. Thank you!

    • Juliet Batten

      Dana, I find a group balances the solitary side of my life as a creative person (artist then writer). Stephanie Dowrick wrote a book called ‘Intimacy and Solitude’ and that sums up the balance perfectly for me. How interesting that you might get to the women’s sweat. Thank you, it’s always so good to receive your responses.

  5. marja

    Hi Juliet A nice post about spring a beautiful time and this time around lots of clouds as well Love your plans for your Spirited Living Mentoring group . I looked at your video and enjoyed it You have a peaceful appearance. Enjoy the rest of the spring

    • Juliet Batten

      Hi Marja,thanks for dropping in, and for your nice comment about my video on my Facebook page. I’m glad you enjoyed it; I had fun making it. Lots of clouds yes, and full of movement. Thank you.


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