The forecast for Easter was rain storms and wind. But the days leading up to Good Friday have been surprisingly warm and sunny, and the little boats have been out on the water again.

 They must be novice sailors, young people perhaps, because the support vessel hovered close, and the yachts fluttered in close,

 hovering like butterflies around a flower,

 And then, having received the message that they were doing OK perhaps, confidently scudded away in the brisk wind.

 Today, Good Friday, as I did my Tai Chi by the sea, my gaze turned towards the land. Everything is green and leafy, and the sky egg-shell blue.

 This is the kind of day that we didn’t see in January, February or March, but now that it’s Easter and autumn, the sun is shining and the whole day is fresh and clear, as if summer has come at last,

except that the seed heads of the agapanthus nod in the breeze, as if to say, ‘flowering is over, seed time has come.’