Do you ever yearn to break out, get away from it all, find wide open spaces where you can breathe freely and leave behind everything that has been clamouring to be done?

 Today was such a day for me. I knew I had to head west.
To do so I first had to break away from some constricting thinking, such as:
‘You only go out to the bach if you can stay overnight’, or
‘Black clouds are gathering. It will be wet.’
‘What about x, y, and z on your desk. What about revising chapter 9?’
But I didn’t care. The coast was calling. As soon as I turned on to the north western motorway and saw the distant curves of the Waitakere Ranges, my heart lifted.

 I stopped at the organic growers and bought fresh green spinach, cut while I waited, manuka honey, and baby beetroot just lifted from the rich black soil. Above the garden, the taiwanese cherry was resplendent

 in its spring gown,

the camellia, ‘Royalty’, was dancing in her red dress,

 while high above, a tui song resounded across the valley, joyfully announcing that today, at least, spring is here!

 At the bach I sneaked up on a clump of daffodils that were brightly flowering. Will you turn your face to me?

 Yes, that’s better. Thank you.

While the kawakawa is once again pointing its dainty fingers towards the sun, so perky and glad to feel the warmth.
Breakaway days – they are the best. I felt like a truant. I have returned to the city refreshed, after breathing in the wilds, the spring, and the sound of the surf. I had to sit down and tell you about this as soon as I arrived home. And now I am going to drink my cup of kawakawa tea, infused from the leaves I gathered today.
Do you need to break away – from routines, confinement, old patterns, jaded places? Then go for it! You will be glad.