Beside the bridge

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 It’s a favourite walk of mine, along the waterfront towards the harbour bridge.

The bridge spans the harbour with a quiet dignity.  
It’s also the favourite spot of those who love to fish.They bring their buckets of bait, cast their lines, and settle down in the sun,

 Recesses in the walkway edge are conveniently placed for rods to lodge in while their owners go walkabout.

 The late afternoon sun bathes the waterfront, and the fishers make the most of every last moment.

I didn’t see anyone catch a fish, but I saw happy family groups, clusters of mates, and solitary fishers, all relaxing in this bright Easter weekend. The bridge above is abuzz with traffic, but down here below the bridge, it’s another world, a slice of peace scooped out of the city’s rough texture.


  1. Hotly Spiced

    It looks like a great place to go if you’d like to be outdoors and enjoying the weather and some peace and quiet. Very beautiful part of the world! xx

  2. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet .. so pleased you like the bridge – my grandfather was instrumental in the design, as he was for Sydney Harbour Bridge ..

    More and it will be a story suffice to say he was a civil engineer at Freeman Fox and Partners (Sir Ralph Freeman) .. and they worked closely with Dorman Long on all their bridges …

    Cheers – happy walking .. it sounds delightful to be at harbour level .. Hilary

  3. juliet

    Hi Charlie, yes its a great place to be.
    Hilary, how amazing that your grandfather was involved in the design. I admire its shape, and the way it mirrors the shape of Rangitoto, a gentle cone. In fact someone inquired in the newspaper recently about whether that was deliberate. You must be proud of him.

  4. lifeonthecutoff

    This reminds me of the time my father took me smelt fishing off of Lake Michigan on Easter morning when I was a young girl. I like the idea of a “slice of peace” Juliet. It evokes such a serene image.

  5. Lynley

    Your Easter looked as grand as ours was weather wise Juliet. We spent time at water level too. The sound of the sea is so good or us all.

  6. Lynley

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  7. juliet

    Penny, what a lovely memory to have, fishing with your father.
    Lynley, the sea is indeed soothing. Glad you had this beautiful Easter weather as well.


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