Being on tank water

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Being on tank water means you don’t mind when the rain sweeps across the country, saturating everything in sight,

and even though it’s summer holidays when most people are looking for the sun, you just laugh because you can hear the water gurgling into the tank, and the sound is music to your ears,

 because it’s just a small tank, and with up to six people here over Christmas, the water level was going down pretty fast, and you were starting to save slops for the garden and restrict your showers,

 but now as constant rain drenches the hills and sweeps up the valley, it’s time for delicious rain-water showers once more, which soften the skin and hair,

and to rejoice in the greenness all around as the trees drink happily,

 the carrots stand up straight again,

and the newly planted capsicums are looking lively, knowing that although they were planted rather late, they have waxing moon energy on their side as well as rain-saturated soil,
and you know the rhythm of being close to nature, taking nothing for granted, and giving thanks for the generous gift from the skies. When you are on tank water.


  1. Hilary

    Hi Juliet .. those rain filled days – when you’re desperate for rain .. actually our dams here are/were pretty low – we’ve had some rain here in the South East .. but it’s been a very dry year. Scotland and the north = wet (very!) ..

    The plants look like they’re enjoying life .. and that gurgle of sploshing water must do wonders ..

    My uncle’s pond was fed by the roof water .. I mentioned it in the Dew Pond post .. but not in the last one .. utilise everything if possible!

    Enjoy the start of the New Year with your life-giving drenching .. Happy New Year .. cheers Hilary

  2. juliet

    Hilary, you know what it’s like when the dams get low – I don’t usually associate that with England, but everything is changing climate-wise. I enjoyed reading about your uncle’s pond, made out of what was on offer. Happy new year to you too.

  3. realruth

    I also rejoice in the recent rain, which is re-filling the water butt, and helping the relieve all the Christchurch gardens which are currently under water restrictions.

  4. juliet

    Nice to think of your water butt filling up Ruth, and all those gardens in Christchurch getting a free drink.

  5. lifeonthecutoff

    The things we take for granted, until the well runs dry. All looks lush and vibrant there, after the rains, Juliet, and a reminder to pay attention to how we use our resources.

    We had no snow for Christmas and unseasonably warm weather. A blast of cold air is moving through, but, this is an odd winter so far. While we are glad to have not had to deal with snow removal and boots, we are noticing changes this past year. That, though, brings to mind this new year, the first day here, going into the second in New Zealand, and all the possibilities in the days ahead. Happy New Year.

  6. juliet

    An odd winter so far for you, Penny, and definitely an odd summer for us, with storms and rain continuing, and today it’s actually quite cool. But yes, it’s certainly lush and green here.


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