Beach morning

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Making sandcastles with Mira (2 1/2 years), and time slipped by. At first she chose sand that was too wet, and I had to tip off the excess. But the sandcastles held together well. We sat beside the row of four, proud of our work, and watched a shag swimming by, ducking suddenly under the surface for a fish, and then appearing several metres further on. Each time the shag reappeared, Mira burst into peels of laughter. A red-billed gull stood at the water’s edge, looking for small sea creatures. In the distance, a man paddled a kayak and a launch surged along the far coast.

Amongst the broken scallop pieces, I fished three perfect ones out of the tide. Mira gathered seaweed for me to place around them, breaking off the pieces one by one.
I was supposed to be working on this week-day morning, but how could I resist the chance of caring for this little one, and rediscovering the delight of playing at the edge of the sea.


  1. lifeonthecutoff

    How fun “playing at the edge of the sea” with your darling Mira. No finer occupation can be had than caring for a little one – especially if it is a grandchild!

  2. juliet

    Yes indeed Penny, and you know about that so well! Thank you for your comment.


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