Beach hearts

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Playing on the beach again. First I collect a few objects, enjoying their contrasting colours and textures on a bed of white shells. Then I find myself reflecting on love, making two separate hearts out of found pieces on the beach.

Then I feel that they are a little narrow, and I find myself shifting to the sand, then expanding and merging the two hearts. Now I’m satisfied.

The image makes me think of robust and grounded love, that has stood the test of time. Many of the objects are pieces of brick: clay from the earth [earth – heart – hearth, all these words are kin] that has been fired to a high temperature, been part of some building or kiln, and now has been weathered by tide and sand. These hearts have history and bear the stamp of time, yet they are still beautiful. So it is with older love.


  1. Marilyn

    Wonderful images, both in your photos and in your words.

  2. Anonymous



  3. Joan

    Your art is wonderful Juliet. I love the fact the fragments have a story in themselves.. and the way earth, heart, hearth.. are kin. Thank you.

  4. juliet

    Thank you Marilyn, Sue and Joan for responding to my work. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.


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