When a problem can’t be solved, especially one that keeps you bound to a computer screen, then it’s time to take a walk. Time to go to the beach in search of something you need. . . 

 And here are sign posts, pointing the way . . .

 These guys are looking for what they need – and finding it. One of them came running up the beach with a silver fish, shining in the sunshine as it twirled on the end of his line. But that’s not what I was looking for.

 And nor was this, despite the delight of it.

No, my quest was for something much less glamorous. I knew I’d be likely to find it at the edge of the incoming tide, and I was right. Can you see?

 Yes, seaweed. Scrumptious black kelp – not to eat though,

 but for my hungry, drought-weary garden. It needs a good boost after working so hard to be productive all summer. Kelp contains over 70 vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the soil.

 It releases nutrients slowly over time, conditioning the soil and helping it to retain moisture. That’s exactly what my bach garden is crying out for. Seaweed even keeps improving the soil structure for a whole new season, after the nutrients have been absorbed.  Meanwhile, it will sit on the top as a mulch.

When a problem can’t be solved, try caring for something that needs your help. Tending a garden is an act of faith. My flourishing crop withered over the last months, but already I’m thinking about how to prepare the soil better for next time.

Gardening is the triumph of hope over circumstance. The learnings are dug back into the soil, making good compost. Innovative solutions are applied.  Past mistakes are forgotten and a new cycle is welcomed in with optimism.

PS Two days later a creative answer to the problem whooshed into my head like a wood pigeon descending from the sky to feed on juicy berries. I think it’s going to work.