Do you find that summer draws you closer to water? 

For many of you it will be the sea, but it could also be a stream, waterfall or lake. Being close to water brings about a special kind of renewal.


The waters of childhood


As a child I spent my happiest hours sitting on a stone by a river: the Waiongonaiti that flowed along the bottom of my grandparents’ garden from the snowy peak of Mt Taranaki.

The river filled me with wonder, for it was ever-changing. Cockabullies, and sometimes eels, glided around rocks. As I watched, spell-bound, time seemed to stand still.


Does this bring up happy childhood memories for you, or remind you of your favourite way of being with water? Is it immersing yourself in the sea, surfing or sailing, floating on a lake, kayaking around the coastline, or sitting with your feet in a hot pool?




We hear about the negative ions that abound close to crashing waves or waterfalls, but there’s more to it than that. Even being close to an indoor aquarium, has positive health effects.

Scientists now talk of ‘blue health’, ie the soothing effects of water, although how it works is still not known. A marine biologist talks of our inner ‘blue mind’, which is meditative, clear and creative, and says that being close to water evokes the presence of blue mind.


Cleansing power


In so many cultures water is the element of cleansing, healing and purification, from the sacred wells of the Celts, the tapu water rituals of the Maori, or the baptisms of many religions. In Chinese medicine, a deep foot bath before bed-time is advised for a good night’s sleep.


Rangitoto from St Heliers


Being with water now


In the busy time leading up to Christmas, you may find you are driving, shopping and walking on hard surfaces more than usual. You may feel overwhelmed or frazzled.

If so, is there some water nearby where you can sit, listen, watch and breathe?

A picnic by a lake


This week my friend Jill took me to eat a picnic lunch at Lake Pupuke, on Auckland’s North Shore. We sat on a well crafted wooden seat, placed by the lake’s edge as a memorial for her mother. There we relaxed, watched the swans gliding by, and the ripples of wind on the surface of the water. The drifting clouds above floated and glided on the lake.

It was hard to believe we were in a city. I could feel inner space opening up as I breathed more freely. On my return home, the necessary tasks seemed to flow more freely.

Even twenty minutes will do


Do you need a break? You might like to try taking a little time out to wander towards the sea or whatever water is nearby. Let the water calm your nervous system. Dip your feet or hands into it and let any tension float away. Be soothed.


Water is sufficient . . . the spirit moves over water.
—Friedrich Nietzsche


Would you like to deepen your connection with nature?

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