Rangitoto from St Heliers


Do you get frustrated — wanting to plan a weekend away and once again the weather is choppy?

Wanting to take a long walk but the winds turn you back?

I find some of my frustration comes from an expectation that spring will turn into summer at any moment. But that’s not the way of this season. Its nature is to be unsettled, up and down, first one thing and then the other—a bit like adolescence. And as you know, there’s no point in expecting maturity from a teenager.


Spring equinox (autumn equinox in the north) falls on Monday, September 23.

At this time, night and day, dark and light are in balance. Southern and northern hemispheres are in balance.

Yet the weather is anything but balanced! The other night the weather man showed how one front after another is rolling in, with perhaps just one fine day between them. He ended his forecast with the words, ‘Welcome to spring.’

The truth is that spring tends to be unpredictable and turbulent.

And so how do you find stability?


Balance lies within

Take another look at the photo at the top, of Rangitoto Island. I took this photo in a former spring when I travelled over to the eastern suburbs of Auckland and had just emerged from the dentist. I had heard bad news about a treatment that was going to cost over twice what I expected and to take twice as long. Inside, I was as turbulent as the storms that had blown on preceding days. Outside, the day was calm and beautiful.

The challenge was to return home and find that balance within.

Finding it

Help came from an unexpected source. I did an inner process that connected me with the growing, hopeful, optimistic energy of spring. Creativity began to surge inside and I rode a wave of new energy.

The problem hasn’t gone away, but it is balanced by a wave so positive and exciting that the worry has found its rightful place. Instead of dominating, it sits alongside my creative projects.

Attuning and rebalancing

If you’d like to know more about the inner process I used, check out The Spring Attunement.

And even if this is not for you, here are three questions to check where you might need rebalancing at equinox. Take a moment to focus inside. Take three deep breaths, and then consider the questions:

1. How is the balance between outer and inner for you, right now?

2. How would you like it to be?

3. What actions do you need to take to find the desired balance?



All Nature seems at work. Slugs leave their lair —
The bees are stirring — birds are on the wing —
And Winter slumbering in the open air,
Wears on his smiling face a dream of Spring!
— Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Blessings and peace,


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