It was cold and damp when I arrived at the bach. It’s been a few weekends since my last visit, and in winter the walls turn cold in the absence of someone to light a fire or turn on a heater.
But look! – the snow drops are out. Ever since I was a child I’ve loved these pristine little flowers, which seemed to me like tiny skirts for fairies. Why did nature come along with her paintbrush and add those green dots? I like to think it was for fun and beauty.

The other surprise is that the little kowhai tree is flowering prolifically. The yellow tongue-like flowers are even getting themselves twisted up in their eagerness to bloom.

Kowhai and snowdrops are flowers that I’ve always associated with spring. Yet here they are, dancing against the dark background of the bush, even though winter solstice has not yet arrived.

I lit the fire on arrival, and after some hours, the walls have warmed up, roast vegetables have come out of the oven and into my belly, and once again the bach has become a home.