Awhitu birds

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I’ve just had a relaxing weekend on the Awhitu Peninsula, staying on the organic small holding of my friends Tanya and Charmaine. There, the skies are big, the peace immense, and the bird life plentiful. On their land they made a small pond, which attracts many water birds. In the field surrounding the pond, Californian quail move around in a small, camera-shy band. They are as big as hens, and their plummage is almost blue in the winter light.

Easier to photograph are the two ‘widows’, who enjoy a good life scratching around in the orchard: a duck, and a very fat hen.

And when I walked down the end of the road, to the coast, there in the distance I watched a blue heron, peacefully feeding.

So much space, peace, and beauty. I feel soothed and expanded from the weekend. Bird watching is a marvellous way to empty the mind.


  1. Joan

    Wonderful Photos. Awhitu, my heartland..this is where I grew up, on the Peninsula. I think it is a very special place.

  2. juliet

    What a wonderful place to grow up. No wonder you have so much space in your heart.

  3. Lynley

    What a lovely spot. I saw two blue herons feeding on the rain sodden Paremata School field on Friday last week. I often see heron feeding on the shores of the Pauatahanui Inlet…..such patient, measured birds.

  4. lifeonthecutoff

    What a remarkable bird sanctuary your friends have established on their own grounds, Juliet – and a “widows'” refuge as well. I concur; bird watching is good for the soul.

  5. juliet

    Thanks Lynley & Penny. Yes, ‘patient, measured’ – what good words to describe the herons.

  6. Anne Ruffell

    I had not heard about the Awhitu Pensinula before so went onto the Internet to find out more about it and have now added it to my list of places to visit. I was fascinated by Kohekohe Church and the little island in Matakawau Bay. It seems a remote and beautiful place yet so close to the city.


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