Autumn light

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 All is forgiven, and forgotten. We may not have had a summer this year, but autumn is generous with warmth. Just before sunset each evening, my home is flooded with golden light

 which casts mysterious shadows

 with colours deepening into russet,

 rendering the melia foliage golden as well,

 kissing the trunk of the flame tree

and bathing the jade plant with gold. Mellow is autumn’s word. On these autumn evenings all trouble is forgotten and I bask in wellbeing and joy

The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise.
It is not that we seize them,
but that they seize us—Ashley Montagu


  1. lifeonthecutoff

    Indeed, dear Juliet, this is a mellow post. I love autumn in all its splendor, and you have preserved it in your words and pictures here. I’ve been enchanted by the flame tree ever since I read The Flame Trees of Thicka. Your photo makes me want to hunt it down and read it again.

  2. Lynley

    Your photos illustrate the mellow, soft golden lights of autumn so beautifully Juliet.

    It was a pleasure to view them this morning on my youngest child’s birthday.

  3. juliet

    Thanks Penny. I read The Flame Trees of Thicka, prompted by your original mention of it, and enjoyed it a lot.
    Lynley, happy birthday for your youngest. What a golden time to be born.

  4. Lynley

    Thank you Juliet. It is a nice time to have a birthday. Today was another warm, still sunny day.

    Happy family times together for afternoon tea. Our grandson knew the ropes for opening gifts and blowing out candles for his uncle and his mother who shares the day with our son…special:-)

  5. Lynley

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