Autumn glory

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Mostly, I love our native trees. But in autumn it’s the exotics that I enjoy, as their leaves change colour. Today on the north shore I found many glorious trees to help indulge my need to hold on to autumn.
So golden, such glory.

And yet, there is a darkening too, and the clouds were gathering.

And, just in case I needed a reminder, I was served this egg/tea timer with my tea at Sausalito cafe. I was reminded of the first hour glass I ever saw: in ‘The Wizard of Oz’. I trembled on the edge of my seat as I watched the sand running through, anticipating doom. At the cafe however, the words written on the holder for this tea-timer were comforting:

‘Your tea goes live in 3 minutes.
In 1 minute your tea will have colour.
In two minutes your tea will have flavour.
In 3 minutes your tea will have the health benefits of antioxidants.’

Health benefits indeed, in this range of ‘NZ Live Tea’, for it combines traditional teas with Maori herbal remedies.
So as I drank my cup of ‘Otago Gold’ (green tea and kawakawa with ginger and lemon grass’), I felt warmed and mellowed. Even though the leaves on the trees are losing colour and flavour, a little more each day, at least some of it is being transferred to the inside of me, there to enjoy and hold.


  1. lifeonthecutoff

    What a wonderful way to relax and refresh – and hold onto that autumn gold a little while longer.

  2. Joan

    I feel just the same about the exotics at this time of the year Juliet. The changing leaves are beautiful..the further south the more so. I’ll never forget travelling when young down through the King Country and gasping at every corner at the poplars. I’d never seen such beauty.


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