Today is autumn equinox, and it’s gently raining. I discovered the local grower’s market yesterday and stocked up on produce: feijoas, which are beginning to appear, tomatoes which are finishing, farm eggs, many lush greens, and best of all, fat blackberries which bring back happy gathering memories from childhood. In Taranaki we picked them by the bucketload from the sides of the roads, in the days before spraying became common. At the end of the day we’d return home satiated from sampling, and with our fingers stained red and black.

A French woman was serving ratatouille from her stall, and after tasting this delicious dish filled with provencal herbs, I bought the last two pots. ‘I won’t be making it next week,’ she said, explaining that the aubergines and courgettes are getting too expensive now.
Before the clouds drew over the sky I photographed the full ‘supermoon’, which is the closest it has come to the earth since 1993. Nature is showing her abundant, benevolent face once more.