Autumn beach games

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 It’s one of those golden autumn afternoons, and down at the sheltered little beach nearby, the weather feels almost as warm as summer. Mira and I start by collecting pohutukawa leaves and admiring their colours. The yellow ones tend to be spotted, the red are glowing, and a few tiny new green ones complete the picture.

Here are tree branches from the fallen pohutukawa, and she is big enough to climb them now,

and find a perch from which to see the world.

Then she runs with her bucket into the sea. It’s tricky when you are 3 1/2 and trying to juggle your purse full of precious things on one shoulder.

 But somehow you find a way, because you’re nearly 4, and you know that you can do things today that you couldn’t do last month. Running up on to the sand, you empty your bucket of water, making a splash that stays, in the form of a water-blot.

 You make one trip after another, enjoying the game of bringing the sea to the land. Granny joins in by digging holes, which you fill with sea water

 and gleefully call ‘swimming pools’. Oh what fun. Your leggings are wet through, but who cares. Granny has them drying on a warm rock in the sun.

Now you take a stick and make lines in the sand. Granny says that they are roads, and brrrm, brrrm, motor-car Granny is driving along. You squeal and go faster, then you turn around and draw a line at right angles. Granny can go no further. You are smiling from ear to ear. You have the power to stop someone bigger than you, just by drawing a line in the sand.
How sweetly the time passes in the golden light of autumn, when old and young play together with whatever nature provides.


  1. Max

    What a beautiful photograph! the one with the leaves in the sand. I love it. Hanging out with little kids is the best; you can’t help but notice the small things you might ordinarily miss, and the joy in them x

  2. juliet

    Hi Max, yes it’s the small things that bring the joy; you are so right. Thanks.

  3. Hotly Spiced

    What gorgeous images. It looks like a beautiful day to be out with your granddaughter. The tree leaves are gorgeous and I remember them from my childhood – such a great variety of colours at this time of year xx

  4. juliet

    Thanks Charlie, it was a lovely day and I was amazed at all the colours in the leaves.

  5. lifeonthecutoff

    Juliet, I love the picture of Mira sitting reflectively on her perch, gazing outward. They are all beautiful, but that one looks like a painting and embodies all that a childhood should be.

  6. juliet

    Penny, I love that one too. She is so still. Thank you.

  7. Lynley

    Ah such simplicity in these happy photos Juliet. Sand, sea water, a stick, some pretty leaves, a tree branch to sit on and wonder.

  8. juliet

    Thanks Lynley, nature certainly provides what is needed, and it doesn’t take much.


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