Autumn Attunement

Autumn Attunement


Do you find yourself feeling anxious as the golden time of Autumn begins to tip over into cooler days and darker nights? Do you struggle in this time of transition?


Often fear arises as winter approaches. You may find yourself wanting to cling to the good times, the stable days of warmth. Or you may even go into denial that change is coming.


What is needed is the opposite: instead of turning back over your shoulder wishing summer’s warmth would stay, you can instead turn squarely into autumn in order to prepare for what is to come.


A secret resource

The Autumn Attunement will help you clear away anxiety and restlessness, and then to take part in a pleasurable ritual of preparation, so that you can face the lean season with confidence, knowing that you have gathered a secret resource that lies waiting for the rainy day, the slump time, that may lie ahead.


What is in the Autumn Attunement package?

The Autumn Attunement consists of a recorded home ritual and reflective process that will last for about forty-five minutes. 

No special skill or experience is necessary; just your willingness to be present. To support you I have put together a PDF containing the following:

  1. Preparation for the Attunement
  2. How to creating a seasonal altar
  3. A harvest story from the Maori tradition of Aotearoa New Zealand


The Autumn Attunement will help you to find

  • The release that comes from a satisfying ‘bonfire’ clearing
  • Access to your own inner harvest
  • The confidence and security that come from knowing you are prepared for the seasonal change.


There reigns a rusty richness everywhere.

—Vita Sackville-West

You will enter the Attunement the moment you sign up and receive the PDF. This gives you a preparation process that you can begin immediately, in the quiet of your own home. In the recording itself you will be guided deeper into the process of releasing and preparing. After you have listened to the recording you can follow some simple steps in order to ground any action steps that emerge.


When is the best time to do the Autumn Attunement?

The Autumn Attunement is best done any time from autumn equinox to early winter.

In the southern hemisphere, this time falls through mid March to May. In the northern hemisphere, this time falls through mid September to November.


Registration is $55 (That’s around U.S. $38). You may pay using your credit card or Paypal account by clicking the button below.  First, please read the message in red below. It tells you what will happen next.




 Important note: Once you have made payment please click the link that says “Return to Juliet Batten”. This will take you to the sign-up page. Make sure you complete the form on this page and click SUBSCRIBE at the bottom of the page so that you will be sent the links to the audio recording and PDF. Thank you!

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Some comments about the Seasonal Attunements

‘Powerful, and most inspiring.’

‘Intimate, present, and a very special experience for me.’

‘I was amazed at the depth of the connection and felt quite different afterwards, very relaxed, centred, and nourished.’

‘I loved the way you wove together all the different aspects (listening, intention writing, drawing, meditation) – each one flowing beautifully into the next, with plenty of time to feel it and stay fully present.’