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What a fine summer we’ve been having! A fine summer draws us into the open air and extends our awareness, out into the world, stretching towards other people and new experiences. It’s a season of physical expansion, and also a time to relax into the opening of the heart.

After times of heart opening, returning to your daily routines may feel like a struggle.

So often this can be a painful experience of contraction: ‘Oh no! Here I am, back in the grind,’ you might mutter. Or maybe you find yourself moving reluctantly back to your desk, to work, to the inevitable tasks of everyday life. For a while you resist, and then you succumb. You leave behind the delicious feeling of openness and easy rhythms, and carry on as before, resigned to thinking that this is just the way life works.

Integration matters

But no. Times of expansion are meant to be integrated.
They are given so that you can return to your life bigger than you were before. They are part of your growth.

Knowing how to assimilate these experiences is essential. So how can you best assimilate the expansiveness of summer (or any holiday, trip or special experience)?

Assimilation begins with recognition. Recognise that the new opening is as tender as a newborn babe. Don’t stomp on it. It needs tending, gently. 
You may notice a clarity of vision that comes after time away from your usual routines. Priorities may suddenly seem very clear. You realise what you need to change. Maybe you’ve had more time for self care, and your body and soul loved this. Or you’ve enjoyed being more sociable. You long for a better way of doing things, because you’ve already opened up to a better way.

This is not about running back to the beach, or spending your whole life on holiday. It’s about integrating goodness into the life you already have; bringing summer forward so that it spins a golden thread through the seasons that lie ahead. Then every summer will begin from a new base point because of what you have claimed and assimilated.

The practical steps

How do you do this?

  1.  Begin by sitting down and journal-writing about your new awareness and experiences. Identify and treasure them. 
  2.  Then make a commitment to nurturing the precious newness, gently and consistently. First select one new experience to nurture, and make a plan. 
  3.  Implement the plan so that the new experience gradually becomes part of your life.

You may have noticed that I am speaking about summer, not just as an outer season, but also as an inner season. The inner summer takes place whenever you open your heart to new awareness. In each case, integration is important, and the steps are the same:


Summer Attunement

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Spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence
Summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance
 . . . 

—Yoko Ono, Season of Glass

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  1. Billy Matheson

    Juliet – thank you for this seasons newsletter. It is a generous message and really resonated with me. I usually think of Summer as a mature, robust and vigorous season but your invitation to consider it as a time of new and tender beginnings was really helpful. I am paying more attention.
    best wishes,

    • Juliet Batten

      Thanks Billy, and I’m so glad the message resonated with you. I think both are true. Summer is a pretty robust season, but times of heart-opening bring in new energies and possibilities, and this is where tenderness comes in.


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