A winter vision

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A winter vision

In the sheltered quiet of winter, a woman is knitting
She dreams a future into the stitches
She makes sure the colours are bright.

She will plant a river bank when the earth warms
She is planning a food garden
She is planning acts of regeneration.


In the sheltered quiet of winter,

the earth is wrapping around a seed,
holding it through the chill,

dreaming of a return to warmth.

In the sheltered quiet of winter, what are you dreaming?
What are you holding?



A gardener is removing a tangled weed
A tōtara is breathing
Bulbs are waiting
Children are learning
Communities are making
acts of connection
Children are climbing
kindness is spreading
Hands are holding
Hands are being held.


In the sheltered quiet of winter, what are you dreaming?
What are you holding?

© Juliet Batten 2022


Nothing happens unless first a dream
— Carl Sandburg



Three books for the seasons

Sun, Moon, and Stars will inspire you to celebrate with your family or whānau. See p. 120 for the chapter ‘Glimmerings and Awakening’. There you will find inspiration for creating a First Light ritual for children and tamariki.

Celebrating the Southern Seasons is a classic resource book. The section on First Light begins on p. 88 and will take you through Māori, Christian and European traditions for this season.

Dancing with the Seasons is a personal guide to the seasonal flow. Chapter Seven (p. 131) will guide you through the three tasks of the season.


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