A ritual for the equinox

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Happy autumn equinox/Ngahuru!

And to you in the northern hemisphere, happy spring equinox!


At equinox on March 20, light and dark, day and night come into balance.

At equinox, our two hemispheres of this planet come into balance.


We are together, poised in this moment of changeover.



Honouring the sacred moment of change.


Would you like to honour the equinox with a simple ritual?

To prepare, create an altar to the equinox and include symbols of what you are grateful for from the season that is passing. What have been the gifts of summer (or in the northern hemisphere, of winter)?

Place a candle on your altar.

Now you are ready to follow four steps for an equinox ritual.



First step: pause


Light a candle.

Become still.


Be aware of this sacred moment of poise,

of light and dark in balance, across the globe.

When those in the north are about to flow into increasing light.

When those in the south are about to flow into increasing dark.

What does this mean to you?


If you are with others, share what came to you.

If you are alone, write in your journal or a notebook.


Second step: give thanks


Give thanks for what you have gathered in the season that is passing.

What are the fruits that you will carry with you?

Share with others, or make notes.


Third step: release and open


Make a gesture of release, or speak words of farewell to the passing season.

Meditate on what lies ahead.

What resources will you take with you?

What hopes?

What resolve?


Share with others, or make notes.



Fourth step: completion


Finally, give thanks, extinguish the candle, and ground by enjoying seasonal refreshments.

I wish you balance and and a full heart at equinox.


Books for the season:

A Cup of Sunlight: discovering the sacred in everyday life

Growing into Wisdom: change and transformation at midlife


  1. Penny Geddis

    Thank you for your wonderful words of wisdom Juliet. Lately I’ve been feeling down, sad because Summer is truly ending. Then I remember not having a warm Summer last year, and I feel so grateful for the hot Summer that we’ve just had. The leaves are turning from green to red, yellow.and orange and it really is beautiful. I appreciate the gathering of pine cones for the warm nights ahead in front of the fire. I appreciate that I can now spend a bit more time outside in the garden without the harsh heat. I can slip on shoes and socks and enjoy a good walk. Shortly I’ll be putting away my Summer dresses but good books and firelight, wearing comfortable clothing awaits. I’ll have harvest vegetable soups on the stove and work in my office to do. Every season is a good season if you look around you…

    • Juliet Batten

      Penny, how lovely to hear of the many ways that you are savouring the season that lies ahead. Your words contain so many good reminders. Thank you!


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